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The Saucy Truth Behind Business Growth

If you’re anything like most Texas residents, you probably consider yourself to be somewhat of a salsa connoisseur (each of us here at Rethink certainly does). And if you’re a true connoisseur you’re probably intimately familiar with Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa.

Operating under the parent company Renfro Foods, the local Fort Worth business is known for its unique and particularly spicy line of salsas. Its prestige has grown in recent years as Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa has received more acclaim from the media; in 2005 the national food magazine Prepared Foods named Mrs. Renfro’s salsa one of the three most innovative flavor-makers (right alongside Coke with Lime!), in 2010 they were named by Women’s Magazine as one of the top foods for women, and most recently in 2018, Renfro Foods was named one of the top three finalists for Small Business of the Year by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

In fact, Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa is quickly transforming from a local brand to an internationally recognized household name. Their products can now be found in 7 countries outside of the United States, as well as within major national distributors such as Kroger and Walmart.

What has boosted the company from a local mom-and-pop to international growth and success? Our Brand Junkies podcast sat down with Doug Renfro, the President of Mrs. Renfro’s Salsa, to discuss just that.

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David Valentine
Designing your Website to Maximize Interest (Part One)

We all know that not many things are worse than a poorly designed website. If you’re like most small or start-up businesses, you’re probably going to be designing your own website. While this can allow your creativity to shine (and is great for your pocketbook!), it can also result in a mess that leaves potential customers confused. Designing a website is a tricky balance between expressing the identity of your company and creating a convenient, user-friendly space. A little too much in either direction can have users running to find a more accessible website, abandoning yours in the process.

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David Valentine
Go Derive Yourself

Within the advertising industry, content is king and distribution is queen.

That means you - as a business - must have both excellent content and a strong way to get it out to the waiting public.

In fact, as Rethink Creative founder David Valentine points out, “Whenever you give away a free premium piece of content, there's a lot of people who want to engage with that and they're willing to give their information in exchange to receive a free item, which I think is undervalued in 2019.”

AKA, if you give people quality content for free, they’ll give you their personal contact information in return, making it all the easier for you to market your business to them and keep them interested!

And maybe you already have some quality organic content, but it doesn’t seem to be as noticeable as you want. How do you fix that? By deriving your content for maximum exposure.

Posting one blog or one video simply isn’t enough. Success is all about creating a digital marketing matrix to get your content to the masses.

How? Prepare to find out.

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David Valentine
Utilizing Social Media: The Millenial’s Trifecta

It’s a pretty well-known fact that millennials (and many adults, too) keep their phones on them at all times because of a deep-rooted Fear Of Missing Out. But their #FOMO means more opportunity for you and your business. After all, phones are the number one boredom saving device, primarily through the usage of social media. As a business in the modern world, it’s more than likely that you already have a Facebook account (if you don’t, have you been stuck under a rock? For 10 years?). But as the world continues to modernize and your 12-year-old niece becomes increasingly glued to her phone, your company will be falling behind if you don’t join the social media craze. We’ve taken the time to outline the millenial’s trifecta: the big three social media platforms that are revolutionizing the new age.

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David Valentine
Features You Want In An Agency (But Might Not Realize)

There are many different agencies out there: some that specialize in PR, some in Advertising, some in Marketing, some exclusively in Digital. With so many options, it can be difficult to pick the right fit for you. Regardless of what services you’re wanting, there are several traits that your agency needs to possess if they’re going to aid in your success.

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