Four Misconceptions about your Website

Your brand cannot inspire action, engagement, and conversation with a subpar or “acceptable” mobile website. Chances are you’ve focused your digital efforts in building up a stellar desktop site, but if you haven’t prioritized the mobile site as well, your brand is sending out a lopsided image and functionality that is causing your business to miss out on connection and revenue.  

This may seem obvious, but computer screens are larger than the screen of your smartphone (even if you have the scary-large iPhone XS). This means that any website optimized for a computer will be in a completely different shape, size, and aspect ratio than one designed specifically for a mobile. Immediately, user experience is limited - to say the least. We know that you’ve put in hard work, so it might be difficult to understand why you’re still lagging behind. To help push you forward, we’ve compiled some common misperceptions regarding the success of websites.

1. Customers are loyal to my desktop website

No they aren’t. No one is anymore. In fact, mobile traffic has been ahead of desktop traffic since 2015, and is continually on the rise. As of 2017, 52.64% of all internet traffic came from cell phones. In case you can’t do basic math, that means that less a half of all internet traffic is expected to be on a non-portable device.

Maybe you believe such statistics apply mainly to other types of businesses- you, with an online store, you have to be safe. Customers don’t want to go through the hassle of online shopping on a tiny screen, right? Totally wrong. When a mom is waiting on her daughter to finish soccer practice, when a teen is waiting on her dad to cook dinner, when your friend is waiting on the doctor to finally call her name, she’s going to be on her phone. And so is he. Most people can only play games or check social media for so long before they end up getting distracted by the prospect of online shopping. 50% of e-commerce is already performed on mobile, and like internet traffic, it’s on the rise.

2. Mobile websites are no big deal

People don’t like it when they have to deal with mediocrity, especially when that comes in the form of a website. Society wants information on the go, quickly, right when they want it. And if they encounter trouble accessing that information immediately, most of them simply won’t deal with it. Instead, they’ll leave your site and hit up a competitor. After all, it’s much easier to hit the back button than it is to zoom in and out because your site was built for a screen 3 times the size. That’s not mere speculation: studies have shown that 80% of customers DO leave a mobile website that isn’t effectively optimized.

3. Google prefers desktop over mobile

Nope, wrong again! As of March 26th, 2018, Google is prioritizing mobile websites over desktop websites (because they have these statistics too). This means that if you have a website that is designed specifically for mobile (not one that happens to co-exist on mobile), it WILL be listed as a search result before someone who doesn’t. Which means people are more likely to find you (because who really goes past the first page of Google results?) than your less tech-savvy competitors.

4. Computers are more convenient

Let’s be honest: no one believes this. After all, phones do everything from mapping a route to your company, to discovering you’re located nearby, to performing a quick Google search on your contact information -- all from the palm of a hand! It doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing, if you have a smart phone, you have an immediate connection to the world. Unlike computers, you don’t have to be plugged in or have wifi to be connected.

Convenience is the real reason smartphones seem to be overtaking computers (and with them, mobile websites over desktop websites). If you haven’t optimized your site to be both visually appealing and easily manageable on a cell phone, you are falling behind (or at least not getting ahead). If you want your company to still be around 5 years from now, it is absolutely essential that you transform your user experience into one that is convenient for the average user.

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David Valentine