Snail-Mail, Revitalized for the Digital Age

When we were kids, receiving something in the mail was fun. It didn’t matter if it was a postcard, a letter from a penpal, or your monthly magazine subscription when something came in the mail addressed to you, it was exciting! Now, you open your mail and it’s all bills, credit card applications, and junk advertisements that you don’t want cluttering up your home (if you even open your mailbox at all).

Better Than A Letter works to fix that. For the lucky souls who open their mailbox to find an item from Better Than A Letter, they’ll be delighted to receive a piñata, a message in a bottle, or a giant plastic emoji… each a nontraditional way to catch a person’s attention and say “Notice Me!”

Many companies in the process of growth successfully utilize Better Than A Letter as a marketing tool to attract potential clients. After all, who wouldn’t be intrigued to see a large Poop Moji dangling from their mailbox?

Our Dave and Kenn sat down with Nathan Butorac, the creative mind behind Better Than A Letter. He shared his thought process on revitalizing such an old platform as snail-mail in our modern age.

Nathan: “This space is so antiquated and old with the emergence of digital… [Marketing] is now flooded with content and people having to blow up each others newsfeeds, email inboxes. Suddenly direct mail starts looking like the less cluttered of the mediums to get in front of prospects. At one point people stopped caring what was in the mail because it was so full, but nowadays that 10 pieces of mail that you get seems a lot more manageable than the hundred emails every single day.”

Nathan managed to turn an old space into something new. In doing so, he created a product that not only catches people’s attention, but that also makes them happy. That’s an impressive feat.

However, it often takes more than just one piñata to bring on a new client.

Nathan: “The success of these campaigns largely relies on the follow-up that comes with each of our clients’ companies. And so, some of it is us helping coach them on the appropriate means of making sure that they're watching the tracking, and when these hit, being able to follow-up with a phone call or an email address. It's going to depend on the quality of the contact list that they have. Is the contact information correct, do they have the sales staff capable of supporting the follow-up efforts? But as far as warming up these prospects or picking back up a client that's kind of fallen through the cracks in their portfolio, these pieces do an amazing job of getting the attention again.”

It takes perseverance to bring in a new lead; after all, clients want to be wooed.

More than anything else, Nathan knows that Better Than A Letter focuses on having an open mind - both for the sender and the receiver.

Nathan: “Every now and then we'll get the pushback of, ‘You know, we love it, but we're not sure if it's on brand enough for us.’ And that's kind of the point. There's a reason why, when you're looking like everybody else in your industry, it's really hard to get people to pay attention to you.”

Better Than A Letter proves that sometimes standing out is the best way to grow… and sometimes snail-mail can still be the best way to light up someone’s day.

The Takeaway:

What platforms do you currently use, and how can you use them in more unique ways? Are there any platforms you’ve been afraid to use, either because they feel too small or antiquated? Can you find a clever use for them that brings new purpose to their mission?

How well are you doing on following up? Do you have metrics to back up your current status?

Do you have an open mind? Do your clients?

To learn more about Better Than A Letter and a myriad of other really bitchin’ stuff, check out our Brand Junkies podcast - available on Stitcher and SoundCloud.

David Valentine