What Makes Rethink Creative Different?

The ancient Greeks created some architectural masterpieces. One of the reasons so many of their structures are still standing today is because the Greeks knew how to build a strong foundation and create sturdy pillars that were able to support the weight of everything above.  

Much like the ancient Greeks, Rethink has built a strong foundation (in the form of our employees, our office space, and even our clients), layered with the sturdy pillars that bring us success. For Rethink, those pillars are: “the art is in the details, organization is the key to success, and timing is everything.”

Follow along as Brand Junkies’ hosts David and Kenn join together to discuss the importance of these three pillars and how they manifest themselves in Rethink’s business.

The Art is in the Details

Kenn: “When you're doing marketing, you're doing it on multiple, visceral levels. If you don't pay attention to every level that is in your marketing tactic, you're not paying attention to the details. You might have the greatest line of copy in the world, but if you don't have the right image or that image doesn't have the right filter on it or the colors that you use in your logo are in juxtaposition to the message that you're trying to deliver, you could really send a confusing message to somebody and not communicate the strategy or the message that you want them to retain.”

Dave: “It's so simple, and it's so significant. And that's what ‘the art is in the details’ is. For my own translation, it's the simple yet significant things that make a big difference”

Kenn: “The way we try to fight [messing up the details] is through proofreading and accountability. When something shows up on the internet, it's forever. It's there. You have got to proofread. I don't care if you've written an e-book or a blog post or a social media post or a print for a copy for a brochure, you better read that thing forwards, you better read it backward, you better read it out loud. You better then share it with a coworker and ask them to do it. Because the moment something leaves your office and it's wrong, it goes out into the world, you've now missed a detail. That subtracts from the art of the product and makes you look like an idiot.”

Organization is the Key to Success

Kenn: “If you're not organized, you're going to forget to do stuff. Things are going to slip through the cracks. You're not going to know where things are. They say luck is when preparation meets opportunity, right? Well, if you're not organized, when an opportunity shows itself, you're not going to be able to get to the materials you need quick enough to take advantage of that opportunity. So you've got to be prepared, and to me, prepared means being organized.”

Kenn: “Open that calendar up, start at the first day of the month, and just write down, "Facebook post about flowers. Facebook post about my business. A picture of my delivery vehicle." Whatever. Just write the stuff out. Every day you’ve written down, you're going to know exactly what to do without wasting time thinking about it. You can spend just a little bit of time taking it off your plate, and that's gonna free your brain up to think about other things about your business, other details. Making that space in your brain is more important than people have any idea.”

Timing is Everything

Dave: “This one is huge. None of these can be understated. This is the one that I believe, personally, people miss. And they don't know that they're missing it. They know that they're missing the organization piece. They may know that they're missing some details. People rarely realize that they've missed the timing until way after it's happened, and then they have no way to find it again.”

Dave: “It's the preparation and opportunity. It's not just waiting for the weird thing to happen, it's also setting yourself up for success. Think, ‘Okay, what are some things that are relevant?’ If you're brick and mortar, ‘What are some things that are happening in my city? On my block? That are timely, that I can jump in on? What are people talking about?’ There are all sorts of software out there that will give you information about the most relevant social media topics that are trending right now, in your area, in your state, in the country, across the globe.”

Kenn: “‘Timing is everything’ plays right into the idea that luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Timing can be the opportunity, and organization is the preparation that gets you that thing.”

Break it Down:

So many companies think it’s not a big deal to let brand voice slip once or twice, or that it’s not necessary to go through more than one round of supervisory edits. However, when details are missed - even if they’re small - they begin to accumulate over time. Those tiny details turn into one big mistake that detracts from the value of the work.

Ultimately, the art of details manifests itself in two key ways: mastery of execution and ensuring your content is correct when it goes out the door. Both are crucial for turning your craft into a true art form… and getting clients to continue buying your product.

Achieving success takes preparation, and that preparation usually comes in the form of excellent organization.

And timing, possibly the single most important tenet, builds upon the other two. It relies on organization and a mastery of execution to hit the sweet spot that will bring you in your desired results.

It takes the combination of all three to be truly successful in your business.

The takeaways:

Do you utilize all three tenets within your business? How about other businesses with which you contract - do they use the tenets? Dave suggests that timing is the most overlooked tenet; how has your timing suffered in the past? How can it improve? Do you have any extra tenets within your business that you believe are crucial for success?

Do you have what it takes for your work to withstand the test of time of as well as that of the ancient Greeks?

When you work with Rethink, you’ll reap the benefits of these three tenets. Can you say the same thing about other places?

David Valentine