Social Media for Successful Engagement

Social media brought a shift in the way we communicate and relate as a culture. This dynamic platform put the ability to connect with customers in real time right in the palm of your hand.

Bringing a level of intentionality to the content you create will facilitate meaningful collaborative experiences to foster successful engagement and market-share impact for your business.

Know Who You Are

Successful branding is visually and intellectually cohesive. Consistency in your message, voice, format, and design are vital. This reinforcement of your ideals, this genuineness will foster an organic connection with your target audience.

Think about who you are as a company, your goals, your core values. How do those things translate into imagery? Having a logo and color scheme that fit your corporate persona is an integral part of the aesthetic of knowing your business as an individual entity.

Develop your voice. Be consistent with it in all types of copy. Social media is relationship building for your business and you need to be consistent to be trustworthy. Speak in a way that resonates with your target audience; become an identity they can easily connect to.

Tell Your Story

Great social media is great storytelling. Spread your narrative across each of the platforms you use. Pull a quote from a longer post on your Facebook and pair it with an image for Instagram. Take the video you posted on Twitter and give behind the scenes details about it in depth on  Facebook. Sharing different facets of your experience will get customers engaging with different levels of your company ethos.

Posting identically across all of the platforms you use waters down the impact of your content. Don’t be your own white noise. Be intentional about choosing the ideal platform for each piece. Keep long stories, interviews and testimonials on Facebook. Post imagery, quotes and memes on Instagram, and Tweet quick links, blurbs and one-liners.

Build a Foundation

Every great story starts out as an outline. Your social media should communicate who you are with direction and purpose and it’s difficult to achieve the trajectory on the fly. Plan out a month of content at a time. Mix in repetition (hello, Tipsy Tuesdays) and stand-alone pieces that will communicate who you are as a brand. Feature your interns, give customers a window into your company culture, be funny, weird, whatever is you.

Sit down at a set time and create your content for the entire week. Take it off your to-do list and schedule your posts to go live at the same time each day. Communicate consistently with your customers, invite them into the inner workings of who you are and let them be a part of the experience your brand creates. After all, you’re a company worth knowing and you’ve got a story to tell.