Expound Upon Excellent Pieces of Content

Do you find that your company’s social media feed is filled with unoriginal articles and graphics that may be relevant to your business, but ultimately hold back the growth of your brand? It’s not uncommon; the idea of constantly creating original content for your brand may seem like a daunting task, especially if you don’t have a full-time marketing department. And yet, content creation doesn’t have to be intimidating. We find that many people are limiting themselves by not expounding upon content that has already been proven to resonate with their audience, and this missed opportunity could be costing you valuable followers.


Expounding is all about amplifying your best performing content, diving deeper into specific topics of interest, and providing your target demographic with more of the content you know they love. To find out what content is most successful, and therefore worth expounding upon, you will have to review the material that you are already posting. By taking advantage of the analytics that social media platforms provide, you can see what kind of content your audience likes, and what they engage with. It is also important to see if different content is performing better on  specific platforms. The goal is to produce more of the what is already working.


Once you have reviewed your content and determined what is most successful, it’s time for some creative thinking! You already know that the topic was a hit with your audience, so how else could you share that information? Maybe you had a podcast episode that was very successful; write a blog about the top three takeaways from that popular episode. You might  also create an infographic about something mentioned, or share a particularly powerful quote. By doing this, you’ve taken one successful piece of content and turned it into three or four pieces that you can share across different platforms. Best of all, you already know this is information that your followers will enjoy.


Expounding can also mean creating more content that drills down on the original content. If a topic is successful, look into ways you can go even further into detail on the subject. For example, if you had a popular post about social media, expound upon the topic in more detail by writing a blog about the best third-party tools to use to track social media traffic. Make a list of all of the different blog topics you could write about to go even further into detail about your subject.


Ultimately, content creation doesn’t have to be an overwhelming task; by expounding on successful material you can simultaneously create content that resonates with your audience while also saving yourself time. Instead of devoting more time to developing new content that may or may not be successful, increase efficiency and guarantee more relevant content by working off of material you already know works.

David Valentine