The Art of the Giveaway

There’s a delicate balance you need to achieve when it comes to giving away content for free. If you aren’t strategic in your approach you can end up devaluing your product or getting ransacked by freebie hunters (who were never going to convert into paying customers anyway). Approaching the art of the giveaway with appropriate intentions will help you get the most out of this tactic!

Why You Should Give Things Away

  1. To grow your audience
    Simply put, giveaways create customers. Not only are the recipients more likely to convert to paying customers, (In one study, 52% of respondents ended up making purchases from companies that gave them promotional items. Another 48% said that they would be more likely to do so because of receiving something.) the secondary effect is that people are more likely to share about something they’ve gotten for free. If someone loves your giveaway they’ll share it with friends, family, or on social media. Now your content is in the hands of their network, and that network has become part of your audience.

  2. To establish yourself as an expert
    Allowing potential customers to encounter your products first-hand builds trust. You now have a reputation (hopefully positive) with them because of their experience with your giveaway. Your other promotional content and branding can say that you’re an expert all day long, but offering tangible proof in the form of a giveaway hits home. Give away top-quality content that gives potential customers the proof they need to know that it’s a wise decision to invest in your products.

  3. To make a gateway
    Giveaways are a great way to get free leads for your sales funnel. Giving away strategic content creates momentum towards conversion by pulling leads in with your value offering. Having a positive experience with your product or service will go a long way towards retaining that individual as a customer in the long run. 

What to Give Away

What should you give away? Here are a few ideas to get you thinking strategically about giveaway content that engages your audience.

  1. Something FUN
    We want people to like you. Giving something that relates to your business and that displays your skills doesn’t always have to mean giving away one of the products you sell. For example, a designer might give away phone wall-papers or fun printable projects for each month. Maybe you create an engaging planning tool that goes along with an e-course you offer and give it away for free. Maybe it’s a GIF package of hilarious depictions of what could go wrong without your product. Get creative!  

  2. Something educational
    Help your clients leave your interaction better equipped to do things well. Whether that’s an ebook with unique insight and advice for how to convert leads into paying customers, a free roofing inspection, or a visually appealing list of which vegetables to buy in each season, make their lives a little easier.

  3. Something that boosts your reputation
    Giveaways definitely create a positive brand association and giving away something that establishes you as an expert in your field should be the goal. This means that you should never give away low-quality content. It may seem counterintuitive, but giveaway content should be as high-quality (if not higher-quality) than the products or services that charge for. 

Remember, the keys to giveaways that turn into conversions are to show off your skills, have fun, and leave your potential clients better than you found them. If you need help making strategic decisions for your marketing or with content creation, drop us a line. We’re always here to help.

David Valentine