Digital Advertising

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Digital Advertising

Digital advertising offers some of the most efficient and effective marketing tactics available to businesses. While marketers used to purchase billboards on the side of the road, now they can purchase billboards along the digital highway and have them show up only when interested potential customers cruise past. They can even follow prospects around the Internet, automatically placing ads at the most convenient times and places, or sending ads directly to potential customers while avoiding non-interested parties altogether. Whether based on life preferences, interests, search histories, key words, or even specific physical locations, “customized” digital advertising tactics allow smart marketers to be extremely efficient with valuable marketing dollars and contribute to lower conversion costs and healthier bottom lines with greater margins. Rethink Creative is recognized for its best practices in digital marketing and has consistently proven an ability to generate significant ROI for clients through these modalities.



  • 25,000% Increase in Website Traffic

  • 23x Email Subscription Increase

  • 118,000% Increase in Social Media Followers

  • Reached over 18 million 18-30 year olds worldwide with job education and training.


  • 380% Increase in Paid Subscribers in just 60 days

  • 560% Increase in visitors to their website

  • Over 1.1 Million people reached in the first 60 days

  • 2400+ Additional leads generated through lead magnets


O’Donnell’s Market

  • More than DOUBLED their revenue

  • Received the most votes for local awards 2 years in a row

  • Launched a successful weekly 'Meal Deal' product line and brought in a 10% revenue increase for the year.

  • Increased social media engagement 1250%, AND the e-newsletter subscribers 3200%



  • For every $1 spent with Rethink, GenEon generated $470 in ROI over

  • 67x as many social media followers

  • 420% more social media engagement

  • Reached 2.4 million customers with our messages


  • 21% increase in YOY sales through the website

  • 2300% ROI on every dollar spent with Rethink

  • Increased social media engagement 4800%

  • Increased lead generation by 490% through integrated marketing and advertising efforts

Adelbert’s Brewery

  • Created 2 initial can designs which led to them selling 1800 CASES of their newly packaged beer in under 72 hours

  • Increased their weekend brewery tour attendance by 70% in 18 months

  • Designed and launched a merchandise line that increased their on-site revenue